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We bring you unique handcrafted collectors edition beaded crafts, gifts and accessories from Malaysia and the Borneo region. Most crafts are handmade from beads with tribal borneo motifs, patterns and designs.

Adorable Beaded Cellphone PouchWe hope you will enjoy browsing the handcrafted gifts we have in here such as the adorable cell phone pouch, elegant mini purses, necklaces, pretty pencil cases, beautiful tissue box covers, rattan baskets, colorful coasters, cute keychains, the precious beaded baskets and the stunning table placemats.

Feel free to ask any question through the FAQ section. We will do our best to answer your questions and have fun browsing the pictures and leave your comments in here. Have a nice day.

Precious Items

This is one of our most precious handmade crafts. Meticulously made by hand with lots of love went into it. So precious, we will look at it for hours and hours with awe. The patience, determination and the perseverance to see it finished from a mere bunch of beads and strings deserves the 'precious' label that it receives. Be one of the precious few to own this uniquely made handcrafted crafts. Click 'Precious' under the products menu on the left of this page to browse all of our precious items.
USD 200.00
SKU: 0010-A-1-0200

A Fantastic work of art. The design of this beaded table placemat is what we call the powerful Red Warrior with two dragons. It is based on Borneo Island plants, animals and mystical beings. Took tremendous hours to finish, very hard and tedious work, in the end , its worth all the effort.

Colorful, usually used as decoration, and as table place mats.

Weight ~ 800gm

Size ~ 47cm x 84.5cm/18.1" x 33"

USD 200.00
SKU: 0010-A-5-0200

Another favorite, the Mystics. A pretty, bright and colorful beaded table placemat. Here we have two dragons and their companion on a journey to destroy the evils. Such a complicated, detailed and tedious beads work, get confused on the process but in the end, wonderful. Mysterious beings are highly looked upon on by the native of the Island of Borneo, as they are the first ones to be on earth. They are regarded as guards and they protects the humans from other evil spirits.

This one measures around 47cm x 84.5cm / 18.1" x 33". There are no exact measurements for these items, all are different and special.

USD 30.00
SKU: 0130-A-2-0045

Moochiku Always Handy Too Tissue Box, striking colored beaded Borneo tissue box cover, unique and beautiful. Intense red and yellow with splashes of black and white, here and there.

Delicately handmade with motifs from the Land of Borneo, this tissue box is one of a kind. That makes this beaded tissue box beautifully striking and worth keeping around the house, in the office and even in the car. It will definitely makes an impression when you have it in your office. Anywhere, this is a fashion statement. And worth having. Made from lots of colorful beads, strung together with thread and stitched on a hard cardboard.

Standard size for a tissue box, Height: 7.5cm/3”, Length: 25cm/10”, Width: 13cm/ 5”.

SKU: 0110-Z-1-0025
USD 12.00
SKU: 0010-A-5-0200
USD 200.00
SKU: 0020-A-1-0080
USD 50.00
SKU: 0010-A-100-003
USD 20.00
SKU: 0180-A-100-001
USD 30.00
SKU: 0010-A-2-0200
USD 175.00
SKU: 0010-A-3-0175
USD 175.00
SKU: 0010-A-12-0200
USD 150.00
SKU: 0010-A-1-0200
USD 200.00
SKU: 0020-A-2-0080
USD 50.00
SKU: 0010-A-4-0200
USD 200.00
SKU: 0121-A-080-004
USD 25.00


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